Sharon Kessler

Retired Executive Director- Montgomery County Humane Society
Former Director- Greenbriar Veterinary Center

p: 301 774 6669

Mid-day walk/visit (1 visit per day)
1 dog: $19

2 dogs: $24
Each additional visit: $18

Standard Pet Sitting Fee (3 visits)
1 dog: $50
2 dogs: $65
Each additional visit: $18

Visit Times
First: 7:30 am
Mid-day: TBD
Last: 8:30 pm

Weight management walks 1 time per day only $22

Weight management walks available only during appropriate weather conditions i.e. to avoid heat stroke, slipping on ice or lightening during thunderstorms. This is not a complete list of potential dangers and walks will be cancelled if weather is of concern.

Cats (indoor only)
1 cat: $18 (1 visit per day, am or pm)
1 cat: $30 (2 visit per day, am & pm)
2 cat: $23 (1 visit per day, am or pm)
2 cat: $35 (2 visit per day, am & pm)

Combo of 1 dog and 1 cat: $59 (3 visits per day)

Standard pet sitting includes the following:

  • Fresh food and water
  • Daily walks/exercise and play
  • Cleaning up after pets including scooping litter pans
  • A written report card on your pet’s activities and behavior
  • Lots of love and attention!
Each additional pet (over 2)- dogs and cats
Additional $12.00 per visit/walk/sitting

Small pets/birds (1 visit per day)
1 small pet: $14
2 small pets: $21
3-6 small pets: $27
Cage cleaning- additional $5 per cage per cleaning

Additional Services**
Administration of medication: $3 per visit per pet
Watering of outdoor plants $4 per watering
No additional charge for holidays, meet and greet visit or return of keys!

**Inquire about additional services and prices
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