Tips for Pet Owners

Sharon Kessler

Retired Executive Director- Montgomery County Humane Society
Former Director- Greenbriar Veterinary Center

p: 301 774 6669
Tips for Pet Owners
  1. Please make your pet sitting reservations as soon as you confirm your travel dates in order to assure availability of services.
  2. Cats should wear collars and must remain indoors. All other pets must wear collar and identification tags during time of Choice Pet Care services.
  3. All pets must be free of external parasites (ticks and fleas).
  4. Always have extra pet food available in case your return trip is delayed.
  5. Vaccines must be up to date.
  6. I prefer to meet with you and your pet(s) before the services begin. There is no charge for this time. This short visit will allow me to meet your pet(s), learn where food and supplies are stored and make recommendations for relocating items that your pet might decide to show an inappropriate interest in during your absence.
  7. Timers or lighting left on during the evening outside and inside will allow me easy access to your home.
  8. All keys will be returned to you upon your return, unless you prefer I keep them  for future visits.
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